4 points this 2017

After our last win 5 days ago against Brentwood, we were cominb back at home. Our supportes helped us in the last games and is always nice for everyone get rewards. It’s been a season where we are not getting enough good results. This 2017 we need to turn it and do it better and we will. Definetely we will.

Today we played against strong side on the table. They are 6th and trying to be promoted for the next year. We recovered couple players since the last game. Actually we got a strong team: enough players to change how we play and using different strenghtness.

This Xmas we got 6/9 points. Win against Maldon and Brentwood and lose against Brightlingsea Regent.

The game

We have serious problems to start as much concentrate as we can and its still costing us silly goals. Conceeding few changes to the other team to go ahead. They scored first. Im not certainly sure if it was offside or not. Anyway we needed to come back and do it again, do our best. No excuses.

They didnt have to many chances to be honest. We control the game for the rest of this 1st half. Not to many clear chances but still having more than them. Keep the ball in the middle third and send a lot of crosses. (Mines could be 100% times better). I started playing today as a left back and after 20′ moved to right back. I felt again bit more comfortable playing on my right foot.

We go to the half time losing 0-1. It was bit dissapointing cause we were doing quite right everything. We suffered an unbeliable lost against Romford we couldnt repeat it. We knew in the half time that the goal would come but it never came. We spoke about the same today but we needed definetely 110% high tempo and dominate the game. ¡Its what we did!

The second half was 95% our. We dominated every moment on the pitch, all fifties were us. I think they didnt have any clear chance this second half and we played as we trained on Thursday. High defensively line and lots of crosses. Jack sent a long throw in the box and Ando flicked it 1-1. We still had 5′ left.

We got a penalty with 2 minutes but… We didnt get it. I think we demostrated today that: ‘At the end how you are cares’ I say that because we werent getting really fantastic results and its true maybe that: ‘What you do cares more, but…’ You can’t lose who you are.

We are a team!

Tuesday more and better, for sure.

Come and support the team, the team it looks enjoying the football they are playing and the environment is 100% important. 



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