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New post been published in my website linking with our next England THE Chance event summer 2020. Today’s turn is Erkan from Soham Town Rangers step 4 of the non league system, located in Cambridge area. My self started talking to him last season and nearly had one of our players going there for a trial. Unfortunately due to some unexpected circumstances we could not proceed as we would have liked. This year tho they will play surely an important part in our 5th edition of England THE Chance.

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About him…

Done my apprenticeship at Ipswich Town FC then played Non League for Histon, Lowestoft, Royston, Sudbury, And now Player Assistant at Soham

1. How did you become 1st team staff from Soham and when did it happen? How long you’ve been doing it for?

I joined Soham in 2017 after I suffered a ruptured ACL at my previous club so was out of action. Manager Rob Mason called me and asked me to come and join as an assistant and also try and get back fit playing which I managed to do.

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2. What do you think about step 4 in the non league pyramid in England?

Step 4 is a good standard with some very good clubs and clubs who have had some great history. There are some very talented players at this level

3. Have you coached in other countries or have you had players from out of the Uk?

Have coached a few players from different nationalities whilst at Soham yes.

4. What do you think about Spanish players: you’ve faced a few Luque, Guillem

I thought Luque was a talent to play against, I tried to smash him a few times and tried to disrupt his game but struggled to do so, it was no suprise to see him progress. Guillem was a fantastic full back and a great athlete, comfortable in possession and was a good defender. A real modern day full back.


5. How would you describe Spanish players. What do you think they are good at and what do they normally need to work on the most?


I would describe Spanish players as possession based players, real technically gifted individuals. I think they would need to work on maybe the tough side of the game: the graft, tackling, heading etc which is majority of non league games.


6. Will you be attending next England the chance edition next Summer July 2020?

I would love to attend England Chance 2020 that would be fantastic

7. Could you give an advise for players looking for opportunities in England.

Make sure you come to England with a plan and have an understanding of the clubs your potentially joining. Make sure you know the players and coaches and expect the demands of the physical side of the game. Expect to work hard!


Erkan playing for England C against Finland
Erkan playing for England C against Finland


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