Essex County Cup, 4th Round


Halstead Town FCAfter won Wivenhoe Town away 2-1, we were coming back to play against Halstead Town away again. After our bad result last weekend against Thurrock at home we needed to change our image. Everyone knew that we obviously could do better but words never value as the facts so we should it show on the pitch. We move to the next round: 4th round Essex County Cup.


Date: Tuesday 8th Novembre of 2016
K.O: 7.45 pm
Stadium: Rosemary La, Halstead CO9 1HR, Regne Unit
Match: Halstead Town FC (@HalsteadTownFC) vs HEYBRIDGE SWIFTS FC (@OfficialSwifts)




Since the last game we played we didn’t train more. We lost on Saturday and yesterday was the first day we met again. Jody kept in touch with the team to make sure everyone was ready for the massivily game we needed to play and ‘sane’ our bodies and minds.

As normally we met 1h15′ minutes before the KO. The road was completely fucked at 5 pm and many mates arrived few minutes late. I don’t know what happen in England roads but are always busy: anytime, anyhwere, always the same. I pick Danae up from work and drove to the Hasltead Town FC pitch.

Ando and Cole didnt play because of their injuries. Glen didnt play either.

We start with the following 11 I am sharing on the next image: Sambridge, Alieu, Stef, Glover, Guillem, Dark(c), Godbold, Jack, Nick, Jamie, Barham

11 start against Halstead Town FC


1st HALF


We knew that it was an important game, massive game for us. Halstead Town FC is two leagues below us but it doesn’t mean anything because when you are not enough concentrate anyone can beat you. We needed all our intensity, effort and desire to pass this tough game.

We started well as we normally do. Is not how we start our mainly problem. We had good chances and didnt concede any for them. It’s true that we didnt score and when you cannot get ahead it gives hope to your opponent even if the dont believe in theirselves.

I particularly think that the referee didnt be enough good managing the game. Also I dont know what i was expecting but at least someone who can control properly the game. To many debatable decisions going always to the same side.

Probably about 30 minutes played, the referee blew his wistle in our box: ¡Penalty! Unbelievable… Fortunatly his number ten (i think, i cant remember) missed the penalty although Sambridge, our keeper, guess well.

During this half we change our formation to 4-3-3 to use the channels on the wings. Playing with a diamond in the middle and high full backs we didnt exploit enough. I think is why we changed it.

It was 10 minutes left when I felt my hamstring killing me, after a run. I need to consider that it was my fault. After we were taking a corner, the opponent took the ball and drive into our half side. I was waiting between the edge and half and i should stopped him but i didnt. So in 10 seconds I lost my advantage and I was following him. I was running when suddenly I felt a poke in my hamstring. I played the first 45′ and then came off the pitch.


2nd HALF


We knew that we need to score. You can finish this games in 90′ or in penalties where you never know how could finish. All what we needed for the second half was increase our tempo and keep it compact as we’ve done it in the first half. Sambridge didnt participate at all. ¡That’s good! We had in front of us a good challenge. There were a lot of games where we played a good football on the first half but not the second. We only had a clean sheet once this season. A few aims that we could achieve it.

We only did one change. Marley Andrews came in the pitch on the left back (I m gonna tell now, he did really well. A player with a good versatility and adaptability).

The time was going and we had a good chances but we couldnt materialize. When you are playing against time you are feeling nervous and you can miss clear opportunities.

In this second half Reece and Riley come in the pitch for Jack Smith and Jamie. They got into the game with a high intensity. Riley is intensive an Recee struggled the opponent’s defense. It seemed that they want to kill him (there were many tackles really harsh but fortunately we could jump all of them. Of course you’re right, the referee didnt take responsability in those moments).

Reece scored about 10 minutes before the end of the game. It was a great goal. Before that the referee override a completely legal goal. It was an awesome win in terms of worth. Move on the Essex County Cup: 4th round.



Reece, 80′ (0-1)




It was a good game. There are some aims that we got it and I think is good to mention it:

  1. Win after few games – Is always important get wins because it affects directly to the players morality.
  2. Clean Sheet – After 19 games is our 2nd clean sheet. Everyone worked harder defensively as we used to and this is our reward.
  3. Good performance and also good result. – We’ve been playing a good games. We did really good performances but until yeserday it came with no-reward.

I think is a good moment to consider that the team needs to keep this course. Its true it was cup game but we will increase our intensity and desire to league games. We have a tough game on Saturday against AFC Honchurch away.


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