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I didn’t write too much for the last 30 days and I think now it is the moment. This January it was bit different: I went to Spain on holidays but I didn’t miss any game because of the weather all of them were called off. I suffered my first red card and I missed two games.

January Heybridge Swifts FC

In my last post I’ve told that we were doing good this 2017 because we didn’t lose any game. After few weeks this 2017 still being a good year. We lost 1 game and we only lose 2 in 11 (I think).

Probably our situation in the table it reflects what we’ve been doing during the season but I don’t think it’s real at all. We played really good games and I’ve already shared in my website that we missed many points by silly mistakes.

Now just starting February, we find ourselves better than 2 months ago when everything (Except Essex County Cup) seemed to go wrong. We are playing next Monday the semifinal against Chelmsford City,they are playing two leagues above us and actually they are situated in playoffs positions.

You can check in the website how is the team doing so far:


How I feel

The last 2nd February I completed my first year in England. I came 12 months ago and I played in couple teams: Needham Market FC and Heybridge Swifts FC. I’ve been working really hard to find my best version and be confident in everything I’m trying to do. Few days ago I started to work hard again in the gym because I never find myself completely satisfied and it frustrates me.

Now, 15 months after my last injury there’s no excuses to play under what I’m expecting. Everyone in the team is playing really well and pushing himselfs onto the limit. Every gap in the field is been covered for who is playing in this moment.

It is the last part of the season and I need to stay concentrate and focus with I would like to achieve. Probably the hardest part of this story is not forget what pushed me into the pitch when I started to play and to be honest I can’t forget it because it still makes me feel nervous every Saturday (and Tuesday, since I am in England, playing a lot of games).

In this moment of my life and through my website there are a lot of Spanish players who text me about my experience. They found my story in the internet and they would like to know how I did but… When I read how happy they are and how high are they expectatives I say to myself there is something wrong in the way to become a successfull man. It doesn’t matter how high you can start even if you are the best, for me:

  • 50% it depends on how many people you know,
  • 25% it depends on how good you are and,
  • 25% it depends on how hard you can press your balls to do what you really want.

But you can only trust this numbers when you’re expecting results in front of someone. When you really want to get rewars to yourself, it depends 100% on you.

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