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After a long time without interviews we return to the business. A couple of years ago I started talking with Mark Fábregas, at that time agent of players and even today he still exercises. But to know something more about him who better than Mark himself. Through my popular questions, let us know a little bit more about who he is, what he does and what is his relationship with football.


1.- Who is Mark Fábregas? What is your job? What is your relationship with football?

I am a factory operator of the automobile sector that I share with my job as a soccer player representative and club intermediary. My relationship with football is daily, I dedicate myself to attend my players and review offers and demands of footballers although what I do most is to control the professional and semi-professional market.


2.- What do you think about the situation of the players today? The youngest? And the older ones?

The situation of the players today has changed a lot compared to years ago … Now everything is moving a lot of interest and it is difficult to find players and people linked to football and also be 100% reliable. Today in youth football there is a major education issue mainly with parents.

Many see their son as the future Messi and do not see the defects or faults of their children especially when it comes to instilling: humility, values such as teamwork and sportsmanship. I am the father of a player who is in U7s and it is incredible the amount of insults and pressure exerted by parents on children and also the referees with their insults and bad forms.

About amateur players is more of the same, there is much interest and you constantly see players who are not aware of their real level, also the current problems of society are reflected in football: many expulsions and fights. There are teams that every week have players expelled and it can not be, there are stadiums that are infernal from the stands and before the game kicks off they are already heating the matches.

There are many representatives who do not look after the player and do not advise well giving false hope and then frustration. But there are also great players who are a great example, not everything is negative.


3.- What difficulties exist in amateur football? And in youth football?

The difficulties faced by amateur football, I believe are mostly economic reasons: youth football is a business, players pay medium-high monthly fees. It should also be noted that there is a lot of rivalry between clubs that affects youth and amateur football. A player to become free agent is very complicated, I have found in the situation that the club you want to leave ask the club you want to go (to see if the club is to their liking or not), forcing players to stay where they do not want to be anymore. But instead the clubs also seek to incorporate players in an ‘unethical’ way.

Many clubs do not have amateur teams because they see it as a burden when they do not have investment / capital and prefer to do business with the youth.


4.- Are there many players who ask you to play abroad?

About going abroad years ago there was much more interest because television is bad for the players. Cristiano Ronaldo, to give an example, is a multimillionaire and at his level very few arrive.

The players also look at the economic situation of other countries that are much better than Spain and create a false idea: no one is fooled, no one gives anything and players are increasingly aware of that … for example there is agents who do business promising to sign for foreign clubs in exchange for money without real possibility of signing for the club (in question) and after a few days there they return without team and with less money.


5.- Why is that? Fed up with local football or attracted by playing football abroad?

In the case of players who want to leave there are two kind:

a) Players who see it as a football career opportunity to improve and reach higher levels than in Spain can not reach or,

b) Who uses the promise of an agent or ‘knowns’ because they think they can get rich and become a star …

There are even offers on Facebook. Go for example to Italian football to very low categories for € 200, food and share house with 5 teams mates in the same apartment with the hope of reaching the Serie A… many return home in 4 days. Even in top divisions each year there are many players who during the winter window transfer go back on loan to Spanish clubs …


6.- In what way do you think these players can grow out?

I believe that players who go out have options to prosper if they really have quality and adapt to the football of the country they are moving to, such as Olmo in Croatia: total integration and proven quality.

7.- Have you had any player abroad? Have you heard about England THE Chance? What do you think about the project?

I had a player abroad and they treated him very well, in Poland. As long as the player is good and useful they will value it and take care of it to the maximum but if they do not have it they fracture it very fast, that happens in Spain and in China too. It depends on the clubs and their integration methodology.

Of course I’ve heard about England THE Chance event, my friend Guillem Ramón introduced it to me and I was delighted. It’s a great and real opportunity! To be able to grow sportingly in a foreign club, good treatment and always with real possibilities and with the truth, humility and a job well done to give opportunities for players to grow. It seems to me a very serious project and with a future and success ahead, Congratulations for the great job!


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