Massive 4 points in 2 games


I bring some good news. After 10 days no-uploading any new post, today is the day. I played the last game against Halstead Town when I fell injuried. My hamstring stopped me.

Anyway the last two games something news came up. First of all our huge point away against AFC Honchurch after 100′ game. Despite we suffered a tremendous loss: Simon Glover fell serious injuried.

Last Tuesday we were playing again away and we beat Ware FC for 0 – 3.


Feelings after 3 clean sheets in 3 games


This post will be a little bit different because I would like to write more about how the team is feeling more confident after each game and how difficult can be to get a good dynamic.

After our last clean sheet we got 4 in all season. These numbers are not good ones but encourage us to keep fighting. We already known that each game is different and every time we fall we need to persevere and keep doing.

To be honest I watched the last two and a half games from the harrow and it was completely affecting how the whole team defend our goal from the opponents. ¡Fantastic!


What is gonna happen now


3 clean sheets it doesn’t mean anything and less when you didn’t start enough well. We need to defeat all our oponents and get week after week, point follow by point. It’s a good starter to keep the clean sheet.

We cannot think big enough when we are just starting to get a good dynamic. 3 games it is not to long to talk about a really good moment but it’s our best since we started the last August. Every game gives you a chance to make longer this moment. Moment after moment, game after game you will be definitely better.

We will have a long November and December and we need to keep concentrate. Play twice a week it will be a good medicine to make bigger this moment and to recover ourselves if it is not good enough. We will not need to wait 7 days to find out how is going everything. We will work to give ourselves and supporters a really enjoyable 2 months.

I would like to recognise that the best word to explain this feeling is: Work. The only word understandable for us right now.


Next games


It is good to know that next Saturday we will play a ‘Derbi’ at home against Witham Town FC. This team is actually higher than us in the table but the game needs to be played.

I remember how I enjoyed all derbis I played before in Spain and this games are always different. It doesn’t matter how is going the league if you are playing good enoough to beat anyone or no. In this games as a normal game anything could happen but the atmosphere is normally more intense.

We won’t count with Jack Barham who recent left the club.


¿Would you like to know Heybridge Swifts next fixtures?



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