Would you like to play football in England?

Since England THE Chance began few things have improved sharply.

Last July it was the 1st Edition and 20 players from all around the world: Argentina, Spain & Andorra came to enjoy one week in England. At the minute 11 of them have had the chance to stay in England and the other 9 will know their options within the next 7 days. They were trained by managers and coaches with a good historial in the country. They both have a well knowledge about English football all long the system.

After the first succed we are delighted to announce our second edition taking place next November. There are already two players who have confirmed their assistance. The event has been set it up to 20 players so there are still 18 places available. As soon as we get this 20 players we might consider set up another one within the next 6 months after the event.

What is England THE Chance?

England THE Chance is a project which tries to give chances to everyone.

“Football must be something achievable for everyone who
has been working hard in his football career”

What does England THE Chance do different rather other organizations?

Honestly, get into the English Football is little bit harder than anywhere else. Qhy? We have been told by managers in England that there are a lot of players who want to play football. What does it mean? Technically this is one of the main reasons why hardly ever clubs in England look at CVs or videos (it does not include if you are a pro player. Anyway you will need to show if you are up to any club or not).

Why should you choose England THE Chance?

We firmly believe that Football has been thought to everyone but not everyone seems to have the same opportunities. We set up this event because as a football player I considered myself long time ago up to play abroad. I definitely got it but I found far more difficult than in Spain for example.

How does it work England THE Chance?

The program for a week England THE Chance is based in a 7-8 training sessions. All this sessions manage by coaches and managers qualified in England. All of them with a good knowledge and coaching career in England.

During the week all the players have interviews for England THE Chance channels and with the managers. Everyone has differents circumstances and all of them need to be considered.

At the end of the week there is a final game where scouts, clubs and coaches come to look at the players (some of them might come during the week as well) and decide how many of them could fit in their squats. Pro, semipro and academies are the standars of the visitors clubs.

Where can I find England THE Chance?

We are visible in:

Twitter: @englandDchance
Facebook: England THE Chance
Instagram: @Englandthechance
Youtube: England THE Chance


What do I need to do next to be able to join England THE Chance 2nd edition?

Easy. Send an email to englandthechance@gmail.com and they will contact you back.

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  1. Mikel Responder

    Dear The Chance,
    I am going to London for a internship called Faro Beca. I will be working at whitelands collegue. I dont know If I could be free that week yet. I will get the work schedule by 15 of November. What is the last day to sign?

    Best regards

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